ATASD vehicles could be ordered in a Military, Search & Rescue, EMS
(Emergency Medical Service) and other packages. Standard Search &
Rescue ATASD package consists of:

  • Three inflatable welded skegs made of 1500 gr/m2 military grade Coolthane 4090UPW PU (Polyurethane) fabric with 3 separate chambers each, covered by 3.2 mm replaceable UHMWPE protector shells underneath against tear and wear
  • Front skirts, rear bags, tops of the chambers made of 4090UPW PU fabric
  • Bridge frame made of Aluminum 6061-T6511 alloy round tubes and brackets
  • Powertrain – Ford Ecoboost 2.3L engine (2020 Ford Mustang automotive crate engine) with harness and ECU, necessary accessories, complete lift system, thrust system based on VPDP (Variable Pitch Drive Propeller).
  • Fuel system – 2.5mm aluminum fuel tank, hoses, fittings, fuel filters, regulators
  • Passenger cabin – flatbed deck with marine grade seats. Windshield cockpit made of shaped round aluminum tubes with polycarbonate anti-scratch material
  • Windshield viper motor with 3 spare viper blades
  • Steering system of air rudders
  • Dashboard with all necessary switches, gages and 12V plugs
  • GPS mounted on to the dashboard
  • Marine outdoor speaker mounted on the frame
  • Fabric soft-top cockpit enclosure
  • Automotive 12V battery
  • 12V air compressor for manual and automatic control air pressure in the skegs
  • Watertight box with the safety lines, first aid kit, signal gun, light bars, waterproof lantern, fire extinguisher
  • Lifebuoy
  • Searchlight
  • 7 Helmets and life jackets for ATASD pilot and passengers
  • Rigid stretcher
  • Right and left board driving lights
  • Right and left board navigation marker lights.
  • Service manuals

Regular spare parts package consist of:

  • Two spare front bumpers
  • PU and UHMWPE repair kit

Payment Terms
Standard terms are 100% payment prior to shipping of ATASD. Manufacturer requires 50% of the order prepayment. The rest 50% upon ATASD is ready to be shipped.
Production TIme
Depending on manufacturing facilities load and parts stocks, the production time could vary from 120 to 240 days from the order date.
12 months from the date of delivery or 200 working hours (whichever occurs first). Extended warranty packages may be available upon request.

A. One (1) auxiliary aluminum fuel tank on 66 liters or two flexible polyurethane tanks on 50 liters each might be installed on or under the deck of ATASD. Totally ATASD will carry 130/160 liters of fuel. It will provide an operational autonomy up to 6 hours.

B. Single axle medium duty flatbed trailer with the bed size 6.5 x 2.5m required for ATASD transportation over public roads and highways. Two (2) trailers could be loaded side by side in to one 40 ft HC sea container for shipping.

C. Additional Spare parts kit for maintenance recommended by working hours up to 1000 will consist of spare Gates Polychain GT2 belts for lift and thrust system, 2 spare blades for Variable Pitch Drive thrust propeller. The rest parts (bearings, seals, fasteners) could be obtained locally from any industrial supplier or ordered from the manufacturer. Parts ordered from the manufacturer will be shipped by UPS or FedEx shortly