1) Store and operate in temperatures as low as – 50C. Materials used in construction – Aluminum, Polyurethane Fabrics, Polycarbonate, and UHMWPE plastics. Durable and resistant and don't become brittle at extremely low or high temperatures (-50C / +50C).

2) Easily accessible frame and engine components for repair or replacement.

3) Variable pitch air propeller specially designed for hovercrafts with 92% coefficient of the efficiency.

4) Adjustable air pressure inflatable skegs, protected from tear and wear by replaceable UHMWPE shells.

5) 252 hp 2.0L or 2.3L 310 hp Ford Ecoboost Turbo engines are fuel efficient and readily available for spare parts and service at any automotive repair shop around the world.

6) Rated cargo capacity is 700 kg (1540 lbs). This includes 1 pilot + 6 passengers + fuel.

7) Deck room is sufficient for loading one 8 wheeled Argo or two snowmobiles.

8) Included a removable deck/cabin enclosure for protection from the elements.

9) Available interior heating for winter operation.

10) Full forward lighting array for dusk or night time operation.

11) 15 minutes to re-arrange deck for use as cargo, passenger or cargo- passenger configuration.

12) By transportation requirements to overseas customers or to far destinations ATASD can be partially or fully disassembled within 5-6 hours and loaded into the 40' sea container. Re-assembly will require approximately the same time.